Topsides / Upstream

General design considerations


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Upstream / Topsides

In response to rapidly rising operational pressures and flows, the need for compact actuated valve solutions is becoming increasingly urgent in order to optimize platform and piping lay-out, thus minimizing installation space and reducing the overall weight of the facilities. For that reason, ATC compact actuators are considered essential on both greenfields and brownfields projects where savings can be achieved at the FEED and EPC stages, for instance on engineering hours and hardware costs.

Examples of installed ATC valve actuators

Project features
  • Pneumatic fast closing
  • Stainless steel wetted parts to handle process gas operation
  • Hydraulic override
  • 8” – 1500# rating
Project features
  • Over 100 actuators delivered
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic
  • Torque to 175.000 Nm
  • XV / SDV/ ESDV and HIPPS

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