Subsea Shallow

General design considerations


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Subsea shallow

ATC has a long time experience and relation with a variety of valve suppliers. Joint hyperbaric testing has been carried out for different water depths and torque ranges. ATC can therefore team up with the valve suppliers as per your AVL. In line with previous deliveries, a fully dedicated package is available as such, which meets project specifications and final client requirements.

Examples of installed ATC valve actuators

Project features


  • Mechanical override by ROV Gearbox (make ATC)
  • Control panel ROV Hotstab
  • PR2 testing  / qualification (actuator + gearbox)
Project features
  • Spring return
  • Gearbox override (make ATC)
  • Vertical excess for ROV in accordance with ISO 13628
  • Diver Portable Handwheel

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