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Actuator Technology Company (ATC) confirms a field proven track record since the beginning of the century.

With offices in The Netherlands (main office), U.S.A., North of Spain, Malaysia we offer a worldwide support.

We design and manufacture a full range of  compact actuators to operate quarter turn valves from subsea deep to onshore.

ATC headquarters
ATC compact actuators for Tahiti project


ATC supports contractors and operators in offshore industry to optimize space, weight and finally costs on their facilities, while contribution to a reduction of life cycle costs by means of reliable compact valve actuator systems.
Our added value is based on 3 pillars;
1. Reliability & minimal maintenance and spare parts
2. Flexible and supportive from FEED till final installation
3. Space, weight and cost reductions
Client satisfaction is of a paramount importance and feedback on our performance is considered a mandatory input to further improve the ATC organization.

Reliability & minimal maintenance and spare parts

The ATC actuator design is based on minimal parts and nor the coupling is exposed to environmental air. Prior to delivery all ATC actuators are cycle, pressure and leakage tested.
Our compact actuators do not require regular maintenance; however, being part of an actuated valve system, periodic testing is recommended to validate the overall reliably

ATC compact and ultra compact spring return actuators, Reliability and minimal maintance -
ATC compact actuator, topsides, F60 double acting & F72 spring return

Flexible and supportive from FEED till final installation

Our advice, support and service throughout the various stages of projects (FEED, EPC, after sales etc.) are globally recognized and appreciated. ATC compact valve actuators are proven in use, type A certified. It is our goal to develop long term client relationships, and it is our mission to continuously close the loop with our customers to further develop our customer based solutions.

Space, weight and cost reductions

Our involvement in the early design stage of a project (FEED / EPC), has proven to contribute to design optimizations which finally reduces the overall weight and thus costs of the facilities. This could allow contractors bidding a project to improve and to execute a project at lower costs.

ATC compact actuators for space weight and cost reducations

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